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Power LED lamp panel
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Communication multilayer PCB
  • The printed circuit board of subtractive process
    The printed circuit board
    Update Time :2017-05-04
    The printed circuit board of subtractive process is in the c
    Special attention should be paid to the selection and use of PCB based composite copper clad laminate
    Special attention should
    Update Time :2017-05-04
    1: the compound CCL in the punching processing performance,
    Development of high frequency CCL for automotive PCB
    Development of high frequ
    Update Time :2017-05-04
    The world's high-frequency PCB really form a large-scale mar
  • Resistance welding
    Resistance welding
    Update Time :2017-05-04
    Line, solder resist graphic workshop
    Line, solder resist graph
    Update Time :2017-05-04
    Dust-free workshop
    Dust-free workshop
    Update Time :2017-05-04
  • Shenzhen city Boxing science and Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in PCB, FPC circuit boards and aluminum plate production enterprises. There are single, double-sided, multi-layer, HDI and other PCB and FPC products. Strong technical force, a group of experienced technical staff and management personnel. Company customers throughout the communications, networking, industrial control, automotive, medicine, military and other fields. In order to meet the demand of high density board and FPC, our company has been carrying out technical research and advanced equipment.
    Companies adhering to the people-oriented, quality first, continuous innovation, continuous improvement of quality management philosophy, and constantly provide customers with excellent circuit board products.
    Your request is our direction of continuous struggle; your satisfaction is the goal set by our company; your needs are the driving force of our company. Chi Boxing science and technology will be perseverance, the spirit of excellence to meet greater challenges, and friends to create a better future. Torgovnik

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